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Windows 8 is a brand new OS delivered by Microsoft that focuses on people and applications. With the help of new innovations, Windows 8 incorporates new ways of delivering connections with the social technologies for you to always be connected with important people. It’s Windows Reimagined. The new Windows 8 delivers the secure-system and reliability of the Windows 7 while improving the user interface to be more colorful and friendly to users. Optimized for you, you can expect this brand new OS to be fast, reliable and secure, the better Windows for today’s generation.




Metro Design
The new interface design that incorporates the beautiful Mondrian style of art, creates a comfortable environment for its users giving large font format feed.

Colorful Interface
The Windows 8 interface incorporates bright colors to help accent the minimalist interface for its users. Even without any photograph or graphics to accent it, you can rest assure that your Start Menu is wonderful to look at passively.

Account Synchronization
Internet connection now is as close as a standard to every computer. This latest OS now incorporates account synchronization that is packaged as an application that always notifies you about the latest events through your email and/or your social networks.


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